We are Spark.

We want to ignite the conversation about mental health, no matter where we are, and what it takes.

We have our fantastic Peer Support Group, with over 950 members, where every single person helps everyone else, no matter what. We celebrate the good times together, and we help each other through the bad.

(Want to join in with the amazing group? Click here!) 

Behind Spark are our 6 dedicated volunteer managers, who do everything from planning the next big thing in the group, to making sure that the email still works!

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, EUPD, anything – Spark is here for you. Come join us. Kettle’s on, and there are biscuits in the tin!

We’d really like to say a big thanks to some of our sponsors, who have provided us with donations or products at little or no charge:

Zapier make our lives easier by providing automation software – thank you!