We’re so proud of our support group. It’s a fantastic supportive place to be. We celebrate each other’s good days and help each other through not so good days.

The group is a “closed” Facebook group – meaning that it doesn’t show on your profile at all, and no-one outside the group can see anything you post – they can’t even see that you’re a member from your profile. You’re secret safe with us.

With there being over 1300 members, we do ask that you keep to our guidelines. This is for everyone’s benefit – and they’re proven to keep Spark a fantastic place to be a part of.

Click “Visit Group” in the box below, have a read of our guidelines, answer our joining questions, and we’ll review your request within an absolute max of 48 hours 🙂

Can’t see anything? Sometimes script/tracking blockers get a bit jumpy about the Facebook code here. Click this link, and we’ll take you straight to the group! Clicky here…