We’re so proud of our support group. It’s a fantastic supportive place to be. We celebrate each other’s good days and help each other through not so good days.

Following member feedback, the group is a “secret” Facebook group – meaning that it doesn’t show on your profile at all, and no-one outside the group can see anything you post – they can’t even see that you’re a member from your profile. You’re secret safe with us.

With there being over 1000 members, we do ask that you keep to our guidelines. This is for everyone’s benefit – and they’re proven to keep Spark a fantastic place to be a part of.

Before you go any further, we’d like you to read and agree to our guidelines, which are in place to keep everyone safe, and the group running smoothly.
The sign up form’s at the bottom!

Spark Support Group Guidelines

About the Group

  • The group is monitored between 9am and midnight by trained moderating staff, and managers. Messages and reported posts will be responded to as quickly as possible, and within 24 hours at most.
  • If you are worried about a fellow group member out of these hours, please direct them if safe to do so, towards our crisis support page: sparksupport.co.uk/crisis
  • This group is a secret Facebook group – unless someone is also a member, they cannot see you are a member, or anything you post.
  • The group runs on the honour system – please support as much as you receive as and when you feel able to.

Whilst in the group

  • Be respectful to others at all times. The odd swear word is fine, we’re all adults here, but if it’s aimed at someone directly, or directed towards a section of society, it is not okay. Posts containing racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and/or transphobia will be removed and the member permanently banned. Please be cautious about posting sexual content as well, as this may affect other members.
  • This is a place that is designed to be free of judgement – if a disagreement should occur in the group, please distance yourself from it and refrain from taking sides. If it upsets you – please report the post to the mod team.
  • Confidentiality is absolutely key with the group. You must not share anything from the group to anywhere else. What happens in the group, must stay within the group.
  • This is not an emergency medical or crisis service. Whilst we want to help as many people as possible – we have to draw the line here, as we are not trained to support people in this situation. Should a crisis situation occur in the group, we take all steps we are able to, to ensure the safety of the member in question, including contacting the emergency services, and making use of Facebook’s reporting tools, sharing information with them if they request it.
  • Advice given or received with regards to medication is not given as professional advice, and is to be used in conjunction with advice from a trained medical professional, such as your GP. Urgent advice can be sought from the NHS 24/7 by dialling 111.
  • When posting, please bear in mind that some things are better suited to your personal timeline, such as discussing personal relationships with other members. If we feel that this is the case, a moderator may message you and ask that you post it on your personal wall instead – please respect this decision. If you feel it unjustified, please see further down for how to make a complaint.
  • Political or religious topics are not to be discussed in the group. Spark Support are strictly neutral, and we will remove any posts of this topic from the group.
  • Anti-medication posts are grossly inappropriate for a group of this nature – these will be immediately removed, along with the member.
  • Due to the legalities, we cannot facilitate discussion on drugs or medication that are illegal in the UK. This includes drugs obtained illegally (i.e. without a valid prescription, for a prescription only drug).
  • We cannot support selling in the group, as it may unintentionally push group members posts further down and prevent someone from getting support.
  • We ask that you use trigger warnings when discussing certain topics in the group. These should be formatted in the standard way of TW: [xx], and then no less than 10 lines with an asterisk (*) on. This allows people to control what they see.
    The topics that we ask for TWs to be used on are:
    Suicide – using TW: Sui
    Self-harm – using TW: SH
    Abuse, encompassing sexual, physical and emotional – using TW: Ab
    Eating Disorders – using TW: ED
    Please be aware that we are strict on the use of these – for everyone’s benefit. If they are used incorrectly, a moderator will ask you to add, amend or remove a post within 30 minutes.
  • You must not post any graphic detail, plans or images on the group. These go against Facebook’s Community Standards, and jeopardises the future of the group. Posts containing these will be removed from the group.
  • Please do not use the group for any form of promotional use, without the express permission of the Spark management team. Any form of spam post, or promotional post will be removed. If you’re not sure, please check with a moderator first.
  • Please do not, without permission, use the group for crowdsourcing for help with case studies, articles, blogs, etc. From time to time, Spark may ask for your input on topics either for our own blog series, or for one of our partner organisations – these will be clearly marked and posted by a member of the team.

Moderators and Management

  • If you see a post that contravenes the guidelines – please do not take it upon yourself to deal with this – report it to a moderator, either by taking a screenshot and messaging one of us, or by using the “Report to Admin” option on the post.
  • A moderator’s decision is final and binding. If you believe that a situation has been miss-handled by a moderator, please see the section on making a complaint below. You must not discuss this in the group – moderators will only ever ask you to amend something via private message, please afford us the same dignity!
  • Please remember that if a moderator asks you to amend a post, or if we remove a post – it’s okay! We understand everyone make mistakes – and it is never personal.
  • If you are upset by a moderator’s decision, please do not post in the group threatening to leave. This upsets members, divides the group, and undermines the extremely hard work of the moderating team.

Outside of the Group

  • Friend requests and private message requests are only to be sent with the express permission of the other person. Should this happen, you understand that any exchange away from the Spark group cannot be moderated by us, and is your sole responsibility.
  • Please do not post to the group asking for people to add you on Facebook, or other forms of social media – these will be removed by us.
  • Because Spark is a charitable organisation, we can’t allow any spin-off groups to be started which aren’t fully run by us, using our name.

If you feel that a post has been dealt with unfairly, that a moderator has treated you otherwise in accordance with these guidelines, or have a general complaint about the group, please email gareth@sparksupport.co.uk

Come on in and join us! 

I agree to abide by the rules and guidelines above – and understand that Spark is NOT a Crisis group.

By submitting this form, you agree and accept that Spark Support will retain the data input into this form for up to six months.
We will send you two introductory emails about the group and nothing more - you may opt out of these at any time without it affecting your membership.