This is part of our blog series written in conjunction with our lovely corporate partner, InterQuest Group, across Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.

Hey there, how are you?

It’s something that we say several times a day, but how many times do we actually mean it? How many times do we actually want to hear if the person that we’ve just asked is really suffering from depression, anxiety and could really use someone to listen? Or do you just want to hear “Not bad thanks, you?”

But equally, it works both ways. So many times, we’re asked how we are – and we could be at our absolute wit’s end. Every single thing ever could be worrying us – from if the apocalypse is coming, to if we fed the cat this morning. Yet our answer? “I’m alright, thanks”.

It’s such a simple question – yet we generally have such a problem answering it with any form of honesty! There are many, many different schools of thought as to why this may be. But, that’s for another day.

Next time someone asks you how you are, I dare you to answer honestly. Because the more people we can get doing this, the more we can get mental health being talked about in the open!

Shine bright.