Wow. It feels like not that long ago at all, I was writing a post introducing Spark Support to everyone, explaining who we are and what we do – then, all of a sudden, 12 months has passed, and I’m here writing a review of the year! 

I went over to speak to our good friends at Stray FM yesterday, and came up with some facts and figures to show what we’ve done this year – and that doesn’t even mention covering my dining room with parcels for Secret Spark! So, here’s some really awesome numbers.

Since 18th September 2018, we’ve had…

16,533 posts in the group

753 active members – nearly 80% of the total membership!

9250 hours worked by our amazing volunteer mods.

That’s some pretty amazing work – and I am so grateful to be able to share these achievements with you all. I am so, so proud of all of the volunteer moderator team – I’m sure you’ll agree, they do an absolutely amazing job, and I simply couldn’t run Spark without them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much to everyone who has given time to Spark over the year. Be it if you’ve written us an article, helped us facilitate and moderate the group, or even if you’ve just taken 5 mins to help someone out. I’m personally so, so grateful. It means so much to me, and I find it really humbling! 

We’ve launched our quarterly Secret Spark project as well, which, I’ll admit, is a LOT of work – but when I see the amazing packages that you’ve sent each other, I know that we’re sharing smiles all around the country – and it makes me so happy to be able to facilitate this. We’ve sent about 90 parcels across the two Secret Spark projects so far, and my parents still look at me with dread when I tell them there might be a few parcels arriving in the next few days! 

We’ve had awesome success with our shop too, especially with our own very talented Francesca Lane collection selling faster than we could process the orders! Because she’s completely and utterly awesome, she’s even designed us a new shopping bag for our birthday, how nice is that?! We love it – go buy it! 

We’ve launched badges, greetings cards, posh metal badges, lanyards, wristbands, all sorts – and we’re so proud of every single product we have. We’re so grateful for our wonderful suppliers as well – they’ve helped us out so much with our… shall we say… basic knowledge about these things! 

Thank you so, so much for being part of Spark. I’m unbelievably grateful that so many people help us build such an amazing community! 

Shine bright, forever.


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